Tommy said "Let's try something different. Take those pictures you're shooting today of this Cowboy Church and put them on the website... and put some of your pictures of St. Philip also." So that's what I am trying.

Let's show the world, when it is becoming increasing more difficult to express one's faith without being shoved or even arrested, that men and women who believe in God can do so in peace and harmony in a variety of ways. Some may worship in magnificently adorned cathedrals or in modern-looking churches or in simple down-home-country churches.

Regardless of where one worships or exactly how, praising God and giving thanks is what's common across all faiths... proving that what we have in common far outweighs any differences.

So let's start with two churches, the New Frontier Cowboy Church of Keller, TX and St. Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Lewisville, TX

Here are a few pictures of each to give you an idea that while they look very different, the Bible is the same and giving thanks is the same.

You can't pray if you're hungry or not fully awake. So at the New Frontier Cowboy Church, they start by serving you breakfast, usualy cooked outside in this fire pit and on this griddle... and there's plenty of good coffee and other foods and fixin's served inside.
The altar
Tommy Meyer, (L) and Kenny Woodruff. Kenny is a member of the New Frontier Cowboy Church. He took a Leap of Faith and said "YES" to Tommy's invitation to attend a St. Philip parish-sponsored ACTS retreat that Tommy (and I) were on the team for in March, 2012.
The congregation's seating in front and the kitchen and serving table in the back.
St. Philip the Apostle

An etched stone in the wall at the entrance to the worship space is from two verses taken from the Gospel according to St. John.
Baptismal Font
The altar
Holy Oils
Bread and Wine that will be consecrated at Mass
Seasonal Tapestry - Pentecost
Narthex - the before and after Mass gathering area inside the building but outside the worship space.
Decorative stone in the Narthex
Pictures taken without flash, out of respect while preaching was going on, of men leading the congregation
Stand from where the Word of God is Proclaimed
Altar in our Chapel
Paschal Candle Over Baptismal Font
New Frontier Cowboy Church
Main Worship Space
Flying Leap of Faith