April 1, 2013
An Act of Charity

Tommy is a faithful, industrious and ever-giving Knight of Columbus.
Recently Tommy and another brother Knight, Boyd Burris, donated to a nationwide Knights program, American Wheelchair Mission. Their act of charity was noted in the local KofC Council Newsletter.

The editor of the Texas State Knights' Newspaper picked up on the story and ran the same article in the quarterly issue distributed April 1, 2013.

Here is the story:


Flying Leap of Faith

The American Wheelchair Mission began in June of 2000.  The Knights of Columbus began to sponsor this program in 2009. The national Knights of Columbus chairman is Chris Lewis, son of renowned comedian/actor Jerry Lewis.  Over 760,000 wheelchairs have been distributed to 150 countries and throughout the United States and Canada.

These are brand new wheelchairs in five sizes that would normally cost $500 in a medical supply store, but because we are able to purchase containers containing 100 to 280 wheelchairs we are able to purchase them at $150 each.  Council 9884 has participated in the purchase of three wheelchairs over the years mainly from the proceeds from our pancake breakfasts.  In addition to the Council, individuals have purchased wheelchairs. This year so far, six wheelchairs have been purchased and credited to Council 9884.

For many of the recipients, this wheelchair is the first opportunity in their life to be mobile.  There are videos of people who are only able to "scoot" along the street or crawl from place to place receiving their own personal wheelchair.  Their expressions are priceless.

The family of SK Tommy Meyer has purchased a wheel chair this year. This is the third year for the SK Boyd Burris family to participate.  In the Burris family, each adult family member contributes $15 toward a wheelchair instead of a Christmas gift for each other, and Patricia Burris' family in Gainesville does the same thing. You are not able to designate the recipient for a single $150 contribution, but you can for a container purchase of $16,500. SK Boyd Burris has participated in the delivery and presentation of 10 wheelchairs to the VA hospital in Dallas and 10 wheelchairs to the VA hospital in Fort Worth.

The Knights of Columbus always sponsor worthy programs, but this Wheelchair Mission is perhaps the best yet. Their motto is "Changing lives through mobility." Get the family, the neighborhood or the office to participate. You can dedicate your donation to friends or family members.