June 23, 2012
LJ's Story:

I recently presented Tommy Meyer and Kenney Woodruff each with a cross made from the job order that I'm working on. Each had their favorite Bible verse plus what made it special was covering them with several coats of polyurethane. For Tommy, rather than the NF logo, I burned in the ACTS logo of the crucified Jesus.

Only later did I learn what Kenny had chosen to do.

Kenny Woodruff, is doing what the ACTS retreat strives to achieve, and that is to return to the retreat as a Team Member to facilitate a retreat for another round of men.

When I learned that Kenny had answered the call to be on ACTS team right away, I felt the call to thank Kenny for his courage to share his time and talents with his Catholic Christian brothers, to do something special. A special cross for him would be a good Thank You. It would still have his favorite Bible verse notation on the cross but with something different this time.

On the front, would be the NF logo made special by making it a wide burn, more difficult and time consuming. Into the reverse side, I burned the same ACTS logo of the crucified Jesus, only larger.

Thanks were also due to Mark Benton and his wife Christine, for their graciousness toward Tommy and JoAn Meyer and myself. I gave Mark the cross that I made especially for myself and for Christine a cross that I selected from the work and coated with poly.

I presented these crosses to Kenny, Mark and Christine on Sunday, June 24, 2012.


Christine's cross                                                                                Mark's cross
but before the polyurethane was applied.
Tommy Meyer's
LJ presenting Kenny with his cross
Kenny's Cross
The New Frontier's new altar!
Hunter Erwin sang a number of songs and hymns for the congregation
Flying Leap of Faith