November 18, 2012
A few months ago, Tommy was inspired by the Holy Spirit to build a cross for our friend and ACTS brother, Dennis. At the outset, Tommy does not know what a new cross will look like, or will it even be a crucifix. The difference between a cross and a crucifix is that the crucifix has what is called "the corpus of Christ" on the cross. With the presence of this image of Christ, we call a cross a crucifix.

Here are two pictures of what the crucifix looks like haning in Dennis and Marleen's home. The crucifix in total is approximately 3' high, and that's glass and stone adorning it.

Below these pictures are some pictures of some of LJ's craftsmanship on making pocket crosses of various styles... again, not for hire but from inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The images and words on these crosses are burnt in.


Flying Leap of Faith
A Cross with a finish applied

A Cross without a finish

Close-up view of Holy Spirit Dove