Meyer Aircraft Statement of Faith

"I pray I don't ever have to tell someone that I'm a Christian. I strive that it should be so obvious by the way I live my life that they know without being told and don't have to ask."

That simple statement is the philosophy by which Meyer Aircraft operates.

Meyer Aircraft is a Christian faith-based company, operated with the "eye on the prize," that it's not how much profit can it make but how much of a prophet can it be.

Tommy Meyer was born and raised a Baptist while his wife, JoAn, is a cradle Catholic. Tommy converted to the Roman Catholic faith after marrying JoAn. Tommy, JoAn and I are very strong in our Catholic faith but we recognize that others choose a different way to pay honor and glory to the Holy Trinity. What we have in common far outweighs the differences. Always doing the right thing is the way Tommy chooses to run Meyer Aircraft.

Truly, What Would Jesus Do? So, if you have friends at another church, dare to go and see how they worship.


Flying Leap of Faith