October 13, 2012
Today,  the Woodruffs held a party for their friends of faith, to gather and give thanks. And we did just that...  at their place in an appropriately named town, Paradise, TX.

I held back from picture taking for the most part but I did take shots of something that moved me very deeply. In a quite part of their property, about 100 yards from the house and out of sight, Kenny erected a magnificent cross and crown of thorns. In the tradition of the ACTS retreats, he asked his guests to take a hammer and a nail and go, say a prayer, unburdern yourself, and leave your troubles thereby driving in the nail. Give your burdens, your sins, to Him.

Musical entertainment was even provided by a wonderful group called Hearts of Praise. By that name you would be correct to guess that they sing Christian songs.

The weather had threatened to rain most of the afternoon. However, until we got everthing cooked, (Tommy was the chef of the fried catfish!) the rain held off.

But when it came it was wonderful and Reverend Mark Benton went out and thanked Our Father for the precious water.


Flying Leap of Faith
They are l-r, Johnnie Roderick, Dee Adams, Steve and Sandi Ketring.
You can see the streaks of raindrops as Mark offers thanks and continues, thanking for what we received, as the rain stopped after all too brief a shower.
We came home one day to find a vase full of roses under the cross. Come to find out my Mother goes there to pray and she changes out the flowers . I added some more rocks for decor and a place for the vase to sit on. Today, Mother donated her bench to the meditative area, I guess if she is going to visit it she needs a place to sit.

Soon I think, we will get Mark and Chris to pray over that area with us, or Bless it.
Just wanted to share this with you.


Here's a picture of the area of Kenny Woodruff's property with the cross and bench.
Here's a picture of the same area Kenny sent me the other day.