August 26, 2012
Today was, once again, a special day.

Sarah Gillespie, recently deceased sweetheart of Randy Bates, was being honored by having people sign a banner that was used at a fund-raiser recently, held in Sarah's memory.

For the "Bunkhouse," Randy delivered a powerful quatrain (4 lined poem) on his faith. Randy was presented an extra special cross that I selected for him and together with Kenny Woodruff we selected the verse that should be burnt into it.

The cross broke during its construction but I glued it back together. I selected it for Randy because the mended crack is symbolic of the mending of Randy's heart the cross is intended to bring. On it are burnt the initials of many of Randy's friends, letting him know that he is prayed for and loved by them.

Norm had musical accompaniment today and he was playing a mandolin, for most of the songs. Norm announced that the fundraising efforts the chuch worked on, led in large part by Christy Mason, had collected in excess of $8,000!!

Marlee Shaw led the Bible study and we had a wonderful "No Coincidence" again today. Her topic was how do we deal with feeling "overwhelmed." She handed out nine cards with various scripture verses to several folks who read those passages. The fourth passage, read by JoAn Meyer, was from 2Corinthians 12:9. The coincidence? For her leading the Bible Study today, Kenny Woodruff had selected a cross with a verse, to present to her. He made that selection last week. What verse was on that cross?
Yup, 2Cor 12:9!!

We had a guest preacher today, Brian Watson, who started out giving the Lord thanks for the healing attributes of the aroma of coffee for asthmatics.

Last, but not least, we visitors brought visitors! Brent Groff, of Old Town Hobby in Lewisville, attended with his family, his wife, Karen, and his daughters, Sarah and Emily.


Flying Leap of Faith
Tommy and JoAn Meyer chatting with the Groffs
Brent, Karen, Emily and Sarah

That's "Pop", one of the founders of the
New Frontier Cowboy Church

The banner that folks signed with their thoughts and prayers.
This is the cross presented to Randy, below. He's just finishing his "Bunkhouse" poem and you can see his good spirit shining through!

Marlee during Bible Study and the "No Coincidence" cross she was presented

Christy Mason

Norm Cox

Brian Watson

Some of LJ's Wood Burnings and photographs, while on a private retreat the prior week

Venus at 5:54AM on Monday August 20. 2012
Moonset on Sunday evening, August 19, 2012 at 8:33pm
That little dot to the right of Venus is a star.

Sky clearing following storm on Sunday afternoon, August 19, 2012 at 5:15pm