April 29, 2012
LJ's Story:

On March 25, Kenny Woodruff asked me if I would design and cut pocket-sized rubbing crosses, a worry-stone type item, to have with you in times of stress.  Kenny asked for 50 of these crosses!

I accepted the task and proceeded to experiment with the sizes and woods and how to bring a personal touch to each one.

Today, I delivered the first 7 of them to Kenny. Each has the New Frontier Cowboy Church logo burned into it and a Bible verse. The first 7 verses Kenny provided. I'll provide some and so will Tommy Meyer.

The wood I used for these is an especially hard wood called Brazilian Walnut.


Who should we happen to run into at the NFCC this Sunday AM? JJ Friedrichs, St. Philip's own singer and musician! Just as Tommy Meyer and I do, he occasionally comes to the New Frontier church for a 'change of pace.'

Tommy Meyer, JJ Friedrichs and Kenny Woodruff
Flying Leap of Faith
Under Construction
Tommy's constructing this crucifix for the next ACT retreat director, Tootville Visitor, and our dear friend, Perry Singer