A Tribute

JOY MEYER-SHEFFIELD, my sister, designed and maintained the LITTLE TOOT website for a long time. 

Then Joy was presented with other  opportunities and was unable to keep the site updated and it was time for a change to help keep all you “Tooters” informed about what is going on in the world of Little Toot, Big Toot and the LSA Movement.

Thanks to Joy for all the work with running the website, publishing past news letters, and helping with model airplane fly-in’s (Called George Meyer Memorials) which were done to keep our father's dreams alive.  Joy, you are  appreciated.

-Your brother,
Tommy Meyer
Liz Holland, the second woman ever known to fly a Little Toot!
Liz Holland & Tommy
Liz Holland
That's Charlie Yates in back.
Liz Holland
Joy Meyer-Sheffield
Sister 'n Brother
Joy & Tommy
in 1991

This bowling team, the Little Toots,  is in one of the few premier leagues in the Dallas area. They bowl on Wednesday nights at 7:00 at the Allen Bowling Lanes. It is one of the last alleys around DFW that has real wood lanes.  The 3 members are  left to right John Sheffield, Joy Sheffield and Scott Troup.   Scott is a scratch bowler and always carries a 210-220 average.  John carries from 190 - 200 average and Joy from around 155 - 165. 

They are proud to wear their Little Toot shirts and jackets to draw interest to this historic airplane. 

For those of you who haven't bowled in years, 10-pin bowling has really changed.  Every bowling ball has a different core that makes it hook differently or go straight.  It is nothing for a bowler to bring 6 balls to the ally and use different balls for different pins

Little Toot Bowling Team