FULL SCALE Blueprints                                    11" x 17" Desktop Plan Booklet   
            PRICE: $345                                                             PRICE: $140
Postage and Handling Included in These Prices
The blueprints are mandatory for  building Little Toot because it features many critical parts which are drawn at full scale. You'll need to take your plans down to the local blueprint shop and copy certain pages. The photocopy can then be cut up into full size templates for cutting out wood or steel parts at 1:1 scale. With these plans, you will have templates to cut wing ribs, wingtip bows, attach brackets and many other parts.

Little Toot Plans
The heart of your Little Toot biplane project is the plan set.
There will be times when you want to look at something really quick and you don't want to drag out the full size plans. The reduced size booklet is great as an armchair reference guide which you can study at home, office, or anywhere you have some spare time. It cannot be used as primary plans to build an airplane due to the reduced scale. It's intended to be companion to the full size blueprints, but it sure is handy!

Meyer Aircraft offers full size blueprints, and an optional reduced size booklet.