July 4, 2015

Today,  the Woodruff Clan held a party for their friends of faith, to come together to celebrate this great nation's 239th birthday.

Reverend Bobby Bowden, pastor of the Western Star  Cowboy Church prayed before we ate, to give thanks to  those who serve to protect us, especially those who have been wounded or paid the ultimate sacrifice in doing so. And we did just that... as we prayed grace before sitting to eat.

We had a holiday in Paradise.... Paradise, Texas, that is.

I took some photos of the grounds.


Flying Leap of Faith
A few  years ago I took a photo of this same pond, before it had the spray head. It simply bubbled up a stream of water. However, after I took the shot and got home, I saw something I'd like to share with you now.

In my book, it's no coincidence that this image should appear. What do you see in the photo? A cross, perhaps?
Kenny's pals
Kenny Woodruff is a man with a strong faith in Jesus Christ. He attended a St. Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church sponsored ACTS retreat in the Spring of 2012. Any man or woman, 18 or older, may attend an ACTS retreat held for their gender, not just Catholics.

Kenny attended and was so strengthened in his faith in Jesus that he came back for the next retreat to be part of the volunteer team of men who puts it together. And he Kenny served on team for a second retreat!

Kenny  was so struck by the whole experience that he built a beautiful cross and stone bench hidden behind the pond. This year Kenny had a friend of his practically give away stepping stones that he etched for Kenny with verses from the Gospels that tells the Passion of Jesus in what is called The Stations of the Cross. Here are those beautiful stones that lead from the step off the deck around to the cross.
Tommy Meyer, chef extraordinaire when it comes to outdoor cooking, contemplates after his day of cooking the main course, out of this world deep-fried catfish.

When at the appropriate stone, Station X, in Luke's Gospel Jesus is crucified, we approach this wonderful cross Kenny erected years ago. Notice that there are nails hammered into the cross. At Kenny's invitation, he would hand you a nail and a hammer and invite you to walk the stations and at Station X, walk to the cross and hammer your nail into the cross. Doing this signifies your sins being hammered into Jesus for your salvation. Marvelous.

On right, is a great selfie Kenny shot recently as he was riding one of his horses. If that doesn't show a man who has been blessed in this life, what does?
I've added another photo of Kenny's sitting area with the Cross.