July 29, 2012
Today was a special day. Mark Benton, the pastor for the New Frontier Cowboy Church was ordained. It was an emotional day as many of Mark and Christine Benton's family (daughter Molly and son Brayden), mom & dad, relatives and friends were in attendance.

First, a lesson of humility and cleansing of our spirits was taught by Philip Wallum, with the aid of Kenny Woodruff. Then Kenny presented to Philip a cross of thanks for giving the lesson. This is one of the crosses posted on previous dates that were made for this purpose. In fact, it was last Sunday that Kenny made the first presentation of a cross. That cross was given to Norm Cox, musician, and oh yeah, one of the founders of the church.

Mark did his preachin' and there was also a guest preacher, Brian Watson.

I didn't have the vantage point to get photos of the ordination but there was another photographer there who will share with me her photos, and I, mine with her.

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The top of the altar.

Below, Philip Wallum prepares to wash the feet of Kenny Woodruff. Afterward, Kenny presents a cross to Philip.
The children of the church are taking a collection for financial assistance to a woman church member suffering from brain tumors. MDs have taken care of one and the other is in the hands of the Divine Physician.
An opening prayer and announcements
             Tony Mason  gives Thanks                and Christy Mason tells folks what's goin' on

After that, we were treated to a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace.

Then, Mark got down to it and did some fine preachin'.
Thelma and Richard Benton, Mark's parents
Some more of Mark's kin
When he was done, Mark was plumb wore out.
Guest preacher, Brian Watson, reads some scripture as Philip listens and follows along
Mark on the receiving end of preaching.
Laurie Woodruff, Kenny's wife and Mark's mother-in-law glances contemplatively at Mark.
Molly, Mark's daughter
Mark and his son, Brayden, simultaneously wipe a tear from their eye!
Friends Bill Bain (on the left) and Bill Heckler (on the right)
Mark gathered his wife, Christine, and his children
Norm Cox takes a sniff of some myrrh prior to the ordination service.
Norm concludes the service playing I'll Ride Away as the congregation sings, including Christine.

Mark and his dad, Richard
Mark and his dad and mom, Thelma
Mark with today's Bible Study Leader, Philip Wallum
Flying Leap of Faith