Meyer Aircraft builds Toots and its parts

Meyer Aircraft manufactures, either directly or subcontracted, many of the parts required for the Little Toot. The Little Toot is not a 'Kit' like an RV aircraft is a 'Kit.' The plans you purchase have the layout for these parts but getting them made is another story. This is where Meyer Aircraft soars!

Here below are a few examples of the precision manufacturing of these parts.
These are just a few of the many parts listed on this site's For Sale page. Click the link and see more.

Also, click on this link to see a short pictorial of how Meyer Aircraft makes one of its parts:

Meyer Aircraft is also currently constructing the first two-seat Toot, Big Toot. Click this link:  Big Toot, or the Big Toot link in the Title Bar to see the manufacturing progress.

Meyer Aircraft does not operate out of a factory but there are times you might wonder!