Little Toot Videos
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Little Toot Showing Vertical Performance
with a 180 hp Lyco Engine
Little Toot in a 'Knife Edge'

RC Video: Mike Duran doing nighttime flying of lighted Fancy Foam "Quick Stick" and "Pizza Box"
Remote Control (RC) Videos
RC Video: Tommy Meyer's SE-5
RC Video: Tommy Meyer's Little Toot
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Little Toot Fly-by by Mike Duran
Home Video including Little Toot Aerobatics
Little Toot Fly-by by Alan Muetzenberg
YouTube Videos
Tommy Meyer at the stick of the original Little Toot, N61G
Roland Blackburn in Morningville, Canada
Tommy Meyer Taxing Foghorn Leghorn for the last time before going to Pam Lance in Annapolis, Maryland
Phil Witt and Tommy Meyer flying over local Model Airplane field.