125 HP Chevy Corvair Engine Mount for Little Toot
Little Toot Fuselage
Tubing Cutting and Fitting

Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

Thanks to Phil Witt for providing his design for this machine. This is a second such machine. This one is for use at Tommy's workshop while the original is in use at Meyer Aircraft Headquarters in Phil Witt's hangar. The first works so well that Tommy decided he needed one in his shop.
Machine Stand   

Tommy recently acquired a portable wood planer. These are useful tools but if you have to take time to get it out, set it on a table, lock it down and do all that prep work, it's not too convenient.

Put it on its own movable stand is the only way to go... and that's what Tommy did. He used his architectural software to design and layout the shapes of each of the tubes of steel, print the template onto a jig to hold the pieces in place, so he knows they are the exact size as they will match the template. Then weld everything into place, including four 360 degree rotating casters, with locks.

How good and how fast is Tommy at this?
Drawings made Monday.
Steel purchased Tuesday.
Drawing Glued to jib Wednesday.
All tubing cut to length Wednesday.
All welding complete Wednesday night.

By the weekend it was painted and ready for use.

Tube and Welding Craftsmanship
Big Toot Fuselage Joint
before being welded
Tommy at this Craft on Big Toot Fuselage