Propeller & Engine Balancing

Meyer Aircraft Balances Propellers and Engines

Meyer Aircraft will balance your propeller with your plane's engine to maximize power and minimize vibration.

Many companies will charge $150 or more for this critical performance service.
Meyer Aircraft will execute this service for $145 dollars and uses high-tech analyzers that help in balancing the propeller and engine.

One critical stipulation: The Owner of Aircraft and the primary pilot (if not the same person) have to be present and assist with Cowling removal and installation and balancing, as necessary.

We can come to you to do this service but it is best if you come to Meyer Aircraft at 52F to have your plane pampered. Why? There is always the unexpected. Meyer Aircraft can bring to your site everything normally necessary to complete this critical task but experience teaches to expect the unexpected. That's the 'home court' advantage, having everything necessary, right at hand, to deal with any circumstance and minimize any delay in completing the job.