Long time friend Joe Tykodi visits Tommy Meyer and Master Craftsman Phil Witt after not seeing each other for years, maybe as many as 15.

Tommy and Phil were President and Vice President of the International Miniature Aircraft Association in the early 90's, of which Joe Tykodi was a member. 

Joe Tykodi is an exceptional Model Airplane Builder/Flyer who has always appreciated excellent Craftsmanship.

Joe painted Tommy's Second "Big Hots" Giant Model Aircraft. (pictured below)

Today, January 17, Joe had the opportunity to see a full blown Little Toot for the first time. 
He was dazed, glazed and amazed.

Here are a couple of pictures of Joe taken today at Meyer Aircraft Headquarters with the original 55 year old prototype of George Meyer's Little Toot.

Joe contributed a Brisson Aircraft 8.4 cubic inch engine for Tommy's Loening Amphibian Project.  This large version of the Loening is being built from the enlarged plans of Tommy's 12 time first place winning Loening OL-8. Also, Tommy won the Nationals four times straight in Junior/Senior/Open free flight scale with this model.  Click Here to see a few pictures.

Pictures of  large engine are also below.
Thanks for your visit Joe !  Come back again really soon.
You have always been very much appreciated.

Tootville Visitors

Jan Johansen "J.J."
Carolyn Austria

J.J. is a commercial airline pilot for American Airlines and is very interested in becoming a Tooter.

J.J. and Carolyn ran into Tommy at Brent Groff's Old Town Hobby Shoppe in Lewisville. J.J. expressed interest in flying a private experimental, so Tommy invited them to 'Come and See.'

They each had the opportunity to climb up and slide into, literally, the cockpit of a little Toot, "Tommy's Toot" and the original "Little Toot."


Joe Tykodi Visits Tootville
Gary Perkins,a native of Dallas and a retired USAF F-111 pilot came to visit Tommy. Well, actually more than visit. Gary now resides in Hysham, Montana and he came to Dallas with cash at the ready to make a purchase and purchase he did.

Gary is now the new proud owner of "Tommy's Toot," N62TR!

Gary Perkins
Susan Sandles, a friend of ours at our parish, St. Philip the Apostle, asked if her grandson, Michael Wensowitch, age 3, and his cousin Cameron Murnan, age 5, could have a visit to the Little Toots. Tommy was delighted and was the gracious "uncle" to these young men.
Little Tooters Visit
Michael Sandles
Cameron Murnan and Michael Sandles with "uncle" Tommy
Michael and his daddy, Nate
Cameron joins Michael at the controls.