The full name of the man sitting in the cockpit of  Little Toot is
José Ramiro Rodríguez Perazza. He has long called Texas home but like many of us, was born somewhere else.  He is a native of Puerto Rico.

Ramiro Rodriguez, as he prefers to be addressed, is Deacon Ramiro of St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church in Lewisville, TX.

It was during his visit that Tommy became aware that Little Toot had never been blessed with holy water. Ramiro, paused, prayed for a blessing upon the water he was holding and proceeded to sprinkle the water all about the craft.

Keeping the Faith in Tootville
In the week of August 27, 2015, two friends, Sir Knights of Columbus, "brothers" of Tommy & LJ, came to 52F to pay a visit.

Here is Vincent Zawlocki, Vince, now enjoying a little parking time in the cockpit of Little Toot.

He, also, is a brother Sir Knight. Vince is our K of C Council's Lecturer. Prior to the close of a business meeting, Vince gives a brief informative talk  designed to inspire the Knights to continue the good works they promised to do.

Keeping the Faith in Tootville
Tommy keeps his faith alive in many ways, especially sharing his time. On this day he shared his time with a good friend of ours.

On 10/5, brother Sir Knight Phil Del Vecchio came to Tootvile to see the Little Toot up-close and personal.  Phil is fresh off a faith journey called an ACTS retreat.
Tootville Visitors