The designer of the model pictured below, the first Loening, was Grover Cleveland Loening.  He sold out his design to a man named Grumman.  Mr. Grumman designed the Grumman Duck from the Loening OL-8.

The man who made this airplane famous was Charles Lindberg.

This airplane was also the Loening that flew the Pan American Flight over the North Pole with Admiral Byrd.  That aircraft is in the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.

Tommy has all enlarged Aero Modeler drawings and templates for this large model. The landing gear is already constructed and made retractable just like the Original Loening retract gear;  and, yes it does have the wire wheels.  Retracts in scale time too,  30 seconds.

The Model pictured below (Scale 1"=1'-0") was the free flight Tommy flew in the 1960 Nationals at the Dallas Texas NAS where he won First Place in the Junior Senior division. Total winnings for this airplane were 12 first place finishes out of 13 flights.  One flight was a test flight.  And, this model won the Nationals FOUR times.  Two 1st places in Florida at the King Orange Internationals and Two 1st Places at the Fiesta of Five Flags in Pensacola, Florida.  Tommy will have to look back to see where the rest were.

Oh! Let's not forget to mention a little detail. Tommy beat the now famous Burt Rutan (of Space Ship one fame) in a competition noted above! How about that!

Enjoy the picture of the Model below.  It is now in the Pensacola Historical Aviation Museum. 

Tommy's Loening OL-8
Grover Cleveland Loening