December 21, 2015

Greetings, friends!
Phil Witt, Gary Platner, Bob Borger and I have been working extremely hard on "Big Toot" and haven't sent out much on progress.
To date here are the projects nearing completion.
1.    Installation of the Battery Box and associated wiring to starter. Thanks to Bob Borger for his help in this area.
2.    Installation of Smoke Tank and related piping.
3.    Installation of the IO-540.  That took Phil Witt and me a bit of time; but now graces the nose of Big Toot.
4.    Installation of the Christian Inverted system (No yet completed). Hooking up the Brake system.. Completed, no oil yet.
5.    Installation of fuel injection piping,. Valves, filter, etc.
6.    Installation of fuel valves Main tank to engine.
7.    Installation of fuel valves Wing tanks to Main tank.
8.    Moving Grand Rapids system out from Instrument panel to provide more room (Panel to Main Tank).
9.    Making up of Strata flex Oil lines and fuel lines.
10.    Now preparing to mount the Oil Cooler and associated piping.
Smoke pump and valve.

Enjoy the pictures.
Merry Christmas
Keep Christ in your Christmas Season
Happy Advent!

"Son of Toot"

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