March 5, 2015

Working with Wood

Here are  pictures of the fuselage and  the ribs and the frame.

The weather in Texas has been awful, but good for working in the shop on "Big Toot".
Phil Witt, drifted over during a few storms and assisted me with the layout of the stringers on "Big Toot".

Wow! Just making the tube structure hidden and the real airplane starting to come to life makes one work harder to complete this long awaited Project.

Most all the pictures attached are of the Spruce Stringers attached to the Bulkheads.  Many thanks to Lawrence Jermyn for his wood working skills in making the  Stringers for me.  He actually cut up some Spruce Spars that were not going to be ever used for another project.  Doing so, LJ ripped duplicate stringers and laced a rounded ridge at the outside top of the stringer so the fabric would only touch one small area on the fuselage.  Again, thank you LJ for you fantastic wood work.

Enjoy the pictures.
If you have any questions please respond.
Thanks for viewing.

"Son of Toot"

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