December 19, 2016

1. Modified the stringers to recieve the stabilizer properly.
2. First of three belly aluminum skin on the belly of Big Toot. Notice the precise fit!
3. Necessary hole above landing gear!
4. Cover plate installed above gear to complete installation. This one plate took all day!
5. Final installation of flying wire fittings to achieve perfect fit through fuselage!
6. Wings are finished and painted white.  Need to paint the trim.
7. Ailerons finished and painted white. Need to paint the red trim.
8. Stab, rudder and elevators are completed.  Need to paint white the elevator and rudder. Stab finished.  Need red Trip.
9. Working on Metal on fuselage and preparing for Canopy.
10. Then cover the aft section of the fuselage and Paint.
Getting closer.
11. Things that will take more time is the cowling, paint and put the airplane together.
12. All electrical system completed thanks to Bob Borger and Ray Corder.
13. Phil Witt has offer to assist me on the new Canopy. Thanks Phil.


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