March 24, 2016

Major Update

It has been awhile since you got an update on "Big Toot", I guess it is due to the fact that I have been hitting it for several weeks with no let up on work.
Frankly, I am very tired, but excited it is finally coming together.
First before any reports, I want to express my many thanks to Bob Borger, Ray Corder and Gary Platner for their tremendous support in getting " Big Toot's " Electrical System completed.  It is gratifying to see everything work as planned.  These three men are to get all the credit.

Here is what is completed since my last report.  See the pictures attached too.
Grand Rapids system completed.
Sky Radar system completed.
All Electronic Instruments completed.
Radio Completed.
Transponder Completed.
Intercom Completed.
CHT and EGT Completed.
All Pressure Instruments Completed.
ELT Installed and all GPS wiring to the Unit is Complete.
Strobe System wiring completed.
Navigation Magnetometer installed in Left upper wing.
All Battery and associated wiring completed.
All wiring tied down and unseen by looking into the cockpit.  Pretty neat.  :-)
Engine components completed.
              Throttle  installed and completed.
              Mixture  installed and completed.
              Propeller Control installed and completed.
              Inverted system completed and all Fire Shield installed.
              Fuel system completed and all Fire Shield installed.

Big Toot is headed for Lewisville,. Texas next week for custom Stainless Steel Exhaust System.
Wings are next.
Preparing to cover the top wings.
Lower wings headed to Phil Witt's Wings and Wheels company for completion of the Ailerons.
Covering soon the elevator, stabilizer, rudder and vertical fin.

When fuselage returns from Exhaust construction, Complete metal sides and panels.
Then start covering fuselage.

A lot more work to go, but pleased about the progress to this point.
Looks like we just might make it to Air Venture 2017.

"Son of Toot"

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Bob Borger of  the left with Ray Corder