July 12, 2012

Everything is working out wonderfully.
You will notice by the pictures that the Grove Aluminum Landing gear fit absolutely perfectly;  NO Slop at all. I am very happy with this nerve-wrecking detail.  But, it is done now and it turned out perfect.

The other pictures are of the welding on the Engine mount cones and welding the uprights on the fuselage. I will be turning this side over so I can weld up completely the opposite side of side one.  Then I will install the diagonal cross pieces.

Enjoy the pictures, then go to my web site to see the welding.  Thanks to LJ for coming over and documenting the process.

Thanks for taking a look.

I am very positive about the beginning of the fuselage.  I am drawing at night on the tail section and will have it finished and ready to start cutting pieces for it when the time comes.  Must get this box built first, though.



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