July 11, 2012

Did you know!
The following components for 'Big Toot' are already done:
1.    Right and left Top wings with Fuel Tanks
2.    Right and Left lower wings.
        Phil Witt is working on the Aluminum Ailerons.
3.    Enlarged Rudder is completed.  It is 3" bigger than the original Little Toot. 
        Might even build a bigger one if that 540 has too much torque.
4.    Vertical Fin is completed.
5.    Horizontal Stabilizer is completed.
6.    Elevators are completed.
7.    Seat has been started and will be completed when the fuselage comes together.
8.    Fire Wall is completed.
9.    Engine Mount has been started but not yet complete.
10.    I O 540 engine is ready for installation and has been run in the dino.  Developed 250 horses. 
            Strong engine!
11.    Most all instruments are purchased.
12.    Propeller is purchased and waiting for installation...
13.    Spinner is purchased and waiting installation.

As you can tell, I am very excited about the progress thus far. 

Now to the picture below:
First,  you should know that Russell Keith help me drill all the 9/16" holes in  the lower Longerons for the installation of the Aluminum Landing gear for Big Toot today.

Thanks to Russell for his NC Machine abilities.  Thank you.

The picture makes the tubing look uneven, but I can assure you they are 90 degrees to the surfaces.  Don't let the picture fool you.

The fit is fantastic.   I had to drive these bushings in place.  Two more tomorrow and I will start tacking the right side fuselage together.   This has been a long time coming. 

The "Big Toot' fuselage is well underway...  There is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel right now.  It will get bigger and bigger as I work on this project.


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