June 12, 2014

Great News tonight.
Big Toot Fuselage Main Cockpit Welding completed.

Removed the fuselage from the rolling welding stand and back on the work benches to start the final assembly of the tail section.

I have used Meyer Aircraft's Mittler Brothers Tubing Bending Machine to bend the step downs to join  the tail section to the main cockpit frame.
The step down is from 1" .049 to 7/8" .049 to : .049 4130 Tubing.

Using the AutoCAD Lite computer system makes everything fit like a glove.  And Straight too! Not much to really see here, but I am really excited to see the aft section of the fuselage finally start coming together.

Won't be long until the entire airframe is placed on the landing gear and it becomes a real airplane.

"Son of Toot"

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