This Airplane is called the Big Hots.
Bob Corder has offered to help me make one of these out of foam.

It was my Model Airplane on the show team years ago when JoAn and I first moved to Double Oak, Texas.

I know Phil Witt remembers it.  Phil had one too and enjoyed flying the Big Hots.


P.S. Bob Corder is going to help me put an electric motor in this one.
Should be interesting.

Construction Begins - 11/26/2012

Ernie Werbiski cutting out foam ribs for my new project,  "The Big Hots"

Now I have a full set of ribs and I ordered the 6" Wheels and tires,  4" Spinner and the rest of the accessories. Mike Duran is working on the correct 22 pound electric motor and accessories.  Thanks to these two super friends.

I have the tall landing gear which is the same as the 1/3rd Scale Little Toot.  And, I have the Cowling already and I can make the wheel pants out of my Little Toot fiberglass wheel pant molds.

But the biggest thing is the fact that Ernie took the time today to cut approx.35 light weight foam ribs out for me. That is " Foam cut in about 30 minutes.

Sure will save me weight and a lot of time. Construction will begin tomorrow.

Ernie Werbiski cutting out the foam ribs

Construction 12/02/2012

Here is the fuselage I started this day for my second "Big Hots".
I even have the Big Hots (LittleToot) landing gear installed.
This gear will set this airplane up nicely for big grass landings.
I won't have to worry about grassnot being cut.

I used to fly this Airplane with Dennis Cassatte on the Dallas Show Team. Wow, that was years ago.  Oh, I think about 1991.



Construction 12/08/2012

Worked on the "Big Hots" nose this morning.
Cowling from Fiberglass Masters did not fit very well so I had to do some mods.
When covered  with Glass it will look perfect.
Fit 's great now.

Drawing up the engine mount now and preparing for that big Motor.

Next round of pictures will have the Motor attached.


Construction 12/09/2012

More work today on the Engine mount for the Big Hots.   Drew it up on Auto Cad.  You can see some of the drawing  in the pictures.
It is constructed out of 1/16" Plate 4130 Steel and then the sides are fusion welded to get the 2 degrees of down thrust.

Now to fit in the cowling and drill the mounting holes in the firewall.

Pretty much need to now be able to weld this thin steel with our welder.


Construction 12/10/2012

I took the information Bob Corder gave me and drew it up in Auto Cad.  Exact dimensions.  Converted from MM to American Standard.Then made a card stock template.I can put this battery anywhere.

Here is the plane with the engine mounted with the battery.

Construction 12/13/2012

Work so far on the vertical fin.

Construction 12/16/2012

Work so far on the ailerons and vertical fin.

Construction 12/29/2012

Work so far on the stabilizer.

Construction 12/31/2012

Thanks to Bob Corder for his work on Y harnesses and wiring for this this big 37 Volt motor.

Bob is going above and beyond the call of duty working on the Hots for me.

I told him today he needed to be part of the crew when making first flights so I did not screw up with this powerful electric motor and super-sized propeller.

Propeller will be a 22-6-10 or 24-6-10 which ever works the best.That engine & engine mount & the two bricks weigh 5 lbs.

Get ready for some power!

Construction 01/01/2013

Happy New Year...
and today still saw me at work on this model.

Here is the Hots Wing joined together.
The rear spar is solid wood.  The rest of the spars including the leading are all spliced.
This will be a very strong wing.