Russell Keith's
"Snoopy Toot" - N925BT
This Little Toot will now be named after the Peanuts character, Snoopy.
Charlie  Brown's dog is no ordinary dog, just as the Toot is no ordinary biplane. As the Allies' WWI flying ace, Snoopy has imaginary air-battles  against the German's "The Red Baron".

This is the fine Little Toot formerly called
"The Brute Toot".

Charlie Yates took N925BT for a little flying time on July 20, 2012. I happened to be around. Charlie was kind enough to make a couple of passes for some photos, posted below. Rest in Peace, Charlie.   - LJ

Undergoing a Covering Refurbish Project       
Status: Certified to Fly

Lower Wings:
Vertical Fin & Rudder:
Stabilizer & Elevator:

600 hour Lyc. O-360 Engine
Newly installed aluminum Upper Wing Fuel Tanks (16 gal.)
Flying Wires
New Cad-Plated hardware
Polished Sensenich Prop with Graphics

This craft is 'ARF,' Almost Ready to Fly. Russ just has to complete the covering, then paint, assemble and she's ready to go "Tootin'."