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Pamela Collier Lance,  Tooter June 30, 2014:
"Have gotten in 2 more flights and some more practice on my 'dance steps.'
What a delightful airplane!  You two guys are amazing !" (referring to Tommy Meyer and Phil Witt)

Mario Ruiz, Amateur Aviator in Dallas, TX 08/27/2013: "Wow Terry, Itís quite amazing to know you flew with Tommy Meyer. He is like a Rock Star in the experimental aviation world." Mario making a comment to his manager at Trane Corp.

Aaron Tippin, Country Music Singer & Tooter: "Wow it's been a long time since I flew an airplane that was so responsive and fun to fly. I just can't stay out of it. I've flown it everyday since I brought it (N61G) to Tennessee. I'm gonna have to get out and do some more shows so I can buy more gas!!!!"

Richard Wolf, Tooter: "Out of some six different biplanes I've flown, the Little Toot is by far the best! What a wonderful flying airplane that handles turbulence & crosswinds better than my Citabria!"

Gary Perkins, Tooter May, 2013: "I have never flown an airplane that seemed to be such an extension of my own body. I am still amazed at how small it is. I have feeling I could reach out and touch the wing tips. Wind is not a problem in the cockpit and I fly it with glasses rather than goggles. The Little Toot is a great sport biplane and Meyer Aviation is a great company. I am very happy!"

Tommy Meyer is one great guy to deal with. He helped me from my first call asking for information about buying an airplane.  There was never a feeling that I was asking a stupid question when I talked to Tommy.  He is also one of the few people who answer email questions promptly. In February, 2013, I drove down to Texas to see the Little Toot firsthand. Tommy let me stay at his house, took me out to dinner and lunch, showed me his Toot, got his friend Gary Platner to demonstrate it for me with a couple of slow rolls and a loop, helped me fill out the sale paperwork, then took the wings off of it, wrapped everything in blankets and plastic, loaded it on to his specially designed flat bed trailer and trucked it 1400 miles north to Montana. Once at "Tootsie's" new home, Tommy and Phil  spent two days putting it together.  These guys work as a team -- not much talking as they tighten bolts, measure angles, and make the Little Toot ready to fly again.  I can't imagine buying an airplane from anyone else and getting such care.

Dominic "Nick" Bellino, Tooter July 4, 2013: I thought this might be a first. I took my Toot to the annual fly-in at Leadville, CO., the highest airport in the US, at elevation 9927 ft. When I departed the density altitude was 12,100. The Toot performed flawlessly, climbed out with no effort.

Nick stands with his Toot at Leadville Airport.
Bud Davisson, writer: "the Cadillac of the breed" -  Sport-Av  mag, January, 2000
Pam Lance, Tooter, September 2014: Tested red jacket this morning, it was very warm (getting into Fall weather here.)  Little Toot is fine, just had an oil change and even gets compliments with the cowl off, "beautiful engine installation !" 
Still Toot's best feature is how fun it is to fly! Hope everything is going good with Big Toot.