Gary Perkins'
"Tootsie" - N62TR
A Bronze Lindy was awarded

Little Toot, a tugboat child, thought that work was a joke, and preferred to play around, making figure 8s and playing other games that irritated the other tugboats.

A Paul Poberenzy Award was presented

Gary Perkins'
"Tootsie" - N62TR
Arrives in Hysham, Montana

April 13, 2013: Gary is now proudly in possession of this very fine Little Toot that had been personally flown by and cared for by Tommy.

Upon arrival, Phil and Tommy immediately set about to the task of unloading the plane from the trailer while there was still light left. And there they are, proudly standing in front of the freshly unloaded toot.

Phil and Tommy will be up 'n at 'em bright 'n early in the AM (today) to complete the almost "plug and play" pieces and make the craft airworthy once again.

The wings are on and the adjustments and 'truing' of the craft begins.  The tail lifter brings the plane to a perfect angle for flying so the proper incidence and level of the wings and stabilizers can be achieved.

Tommy and Phil sent me a text at 6:30 MT Time that said they were done and heading to Denver for their forst stop on the way home. Assembly was completed in 9:20. Pros at their best.
Checking washout
Leveling Toot - of course, that does not mean the wings are exactly level. The lower wings have 2-1/2 degrees dihedral, for example.
Adjusting Flying Wires
Gary Perkins, proud new owner
Done is Done
Above: Phil and Tommy ready for bear! Watch out!
The newly christened "Tootsie"
Of course Gary could not continue to call it "Tommy's Toot," so he chose a very appropriate new moniker.