Robert Borger's
"Tasmanian Devil" - N25TD
A pictorial progress report on the progress of construction of Bob Borger's Little Toot. Looking good, Bob!

Tasmanian Devil Update 01/24/2013

Bob Borger gets his wings ready for covering.

Today Bob Borger with the help of Tommy Meyer installed beautiful Meyer Aircraft Wing tips on the Left upper wing of Bob's Little Toot.

The wing was prep'ed for covering and is now ready for Leading edges and Trailing edges. Keep up the nice work Bob.

Tasmanian Devil Update 01/28/2013

Wing now ready for covering

Tasmanian Devil Update 03/16/2015

Did it really take TWO YEARS to cover the wing, Bob?
(See Picture above...)

Just kidding...

Tasmanian Devil Update 03/17/2015

Bob didn't spend S.t Patrick's Day sitting in a bar swigging back Killian's!