Often referred to as the "Son of Toot", Tommy Meyer is the son of the late George Meyer. He literally grew up with the airplane, helping his father by drawing blueprints and bucking rivets while in high school. In the Air Force, he became a crew chief on C-124s and C-130s, accumulating considerable mechanical knowledge in the process, along with some occasional stick time in cruise.  An unfortunate landfall by hurricane Celia in 1970 did considerable damage to the original Toot. Regrettably, George decided to sell it to John Epperson. Tommy spent the next 10 years trying to buy  back  the   original  Toot,  but the owner wouldn't sell.

Frustrated, Tommy moved on to other projects. In 1995, he tried again and John agreed to let it go. At last, the original Toot was back in the family hangar. In the years since his father passed away, Tommy has been busy promoting the Little Toot and helping builders by answering technical questions, supplying parts, and even lending a hand when able. Over the years, Tommy has built up a catalog of prefabricated parts which ease the process of homebuilding. He has helped numerous builders to finish up their airplanes, and you can always count on him for excellent technical support. When Tommy talks, people are well advised to listen. He's been around EAA just a little while... his number is 64. 'Nuff said.
Tommy Meyer