George Meyer's
Original "Little Toot" - N61G
This Commemorates a Paul Poberenzy Award
Earned by Tommy Meyer in 2000

Mechanix Illustrated
Achievement Award
First Place
Photo of banner hanging at Oshkosh EAA Fly-In

Picture was taken of me (Son of Toot) the day I flew Little Toot for the first time. 
I even had brown hair at this time! I was just 23 Years old. What a great day that was.

A few days later I flew Little Toot over my girlfriend's house to show off.  That girlfriend is now my Wife of 45 Years, JoAn Meyer. I got in a bit of trouble with my father George Meyer when his friends in Corpus Christi thought it was him making a 720 turn over the top of Corpus Christi, Dad told me I wasn't very smart.  He asked me how many airplanes that looked like Little Toot was there flying over Corpus Christi.  Hmmm.  He had me.

Little Toot has the Aluminum Cowling and P-40 Type Canopy on her and sported a 90 Cont. Engine.  Still had plenty of power. Now-a-days, it would be weak with all the bigger engines now in Toots.
Later Dad put a full blown PlexiGlass Canopy which I fly with Today.
Enjoy these historic pictures of the Original Little Toot.
    - Tommy
    "Son of Toot"

Here are pictures of N61G before it ever flew. Notice that the canopy is not the same as the one it has today. Also, see the bugeye aret? The Little Toot words and whistle? They also are not the same as used today.

Tommy says his dad used to check out the engine by 'driving' the plane back and forth across their yard.