Aluminum TOOT Project
For Sale
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Aluminum Toot Project

Aluminum  & Chromoly

Complete Tube 'n Fabric Toot

Little Toot Fuselage

Little Toot Wing Ribs

Toot in Florida Project

Aluminum Fuselage Toot Project

Included with this Offer:
Tube fuselage cockpit section with Cabane Stuts 
    -Great Shape;  Like New
Cessna 140 Spring Steel Landing Gear
    -Tube Fuselage is finished for accepting Landing Gears
Wheel Pants
    -Good shape Meyer Aircraft designed
New Tires and tubes
Cleveland Wheels
    -Used but like New, great shape
Aluminum Monocoque Aft Fuselage Section 
    -Great shape & ready to attach to Tube structure
Vertical Fin - Aluminum
    -Great shape & ready for installation
Rudder - Aluminum 
    -Great shape, corrugated surfaces ready for installation 
    -Needs Tips installed out of Balsa Wood and Fiberglass
Horizontal Stabilizer - Aluminum 
    -Great shape, Needs Tips installed from Balsa Wood
Elevators - Aluminum 
    -Great shape, Needs tips installed from Balsa Wood
Upper Wings finished & ready for cover. 
    -Has Steen Aero Lab molded leading edges installed
Lower wings
    -Need to finish up Aileron Bellcrank and
      install Steen Aero Lab leading edges
    -All Aluminum,  Completed
Tail Wheel Springs 
    -Has a tail Wheel Assembly; consider getting a newer one
Eye Struts
    -Tack welded; needs finish welding
Fuel Tank
    - Aluminum
Control yoke and components 
    -Needs Control Stick,  available from Meyer Aircraft
Template to cut Instrument Panel
Flying Wires and Terminal Ends 
        Market Price $4,000.00!

Parts necessary but not included with this offer:
        Top and Bottom Cowlings
        Right and Left Bug-eyes
        Spinner and back plate
        Headrest and all fairings
All of the parts above can be custom crafted by Meyer Aircraft

0-320 150 HP Engine with 1200 hours;  separate price $7,000.00
Propeller for 0-320;  separate price  $1,400.00
Fabric for covering
Instrument Panel & Instruments
Covering Materials
Covering Chemicals  (Polyfiber)

This project is a steal for for under $10K!
All money in US Dollars.
YOU could have this Little Toot
flying for LESS than $25,000!!