Wing Fuel Tank
PRICE: $870

Aileron Brackets Wing Side
(Set of 2)
MALE: $243/set   FEMALE $202.50/set

Aileron Bellcrank
(Set of 2)
PRICE: $405/set

Aileron Hinge
Little Toot 6 req. / Big Toot 8 req.

Aileron Control Yoke

PRICE: $150

Aileron Push Rods
(Set of 2)
PRICE: $262/set

Center Section Bow
Top Wing (2 req.)
PRICE: $175 Each Bow

Compression Tubes
(Set of 16)
PRICE: $520 /set

Wing Tip Bows
Top(2 req.) & Bottom(2 req.)
PRICE: $235 Each Tip

Upper Wing Ribs
(Set of 26)
PRICE: $3,380/set

Formed Leading Edge
(Set of 4)
PRICE: $690/set

Upper Center
Section Fairing
PRICE: $125

Lower Wing Ribs
(Upper ribs shown)
(Set of 24)
PRICE: $3,120/set

Also visit:
Aileron Bell Crank Access Panel
and Cover
Requires two (2) each 
Price $150

Pitot Access Panel
and Pitot mounting plate
Price  $95
(Pitot not included)
Control Sticks
PRICE: $125 each stick

Lower Wing to Fuselage
Root Fairing
Price $125.00

Right Side Lower Wing
Leading Edge Fairing

Left Side Lower Wing
Leading Edge Fairing