Tommy's Attic

Lt. Duke Ventimiglia, Blue Angle Pilot, and "who dat?"  with his National Winning Loening Amphibian, OL-8.

The boy and his airplane won the Nationals four times, the last one was in Olathe, Kansas in 1968.

It also won two first place awards in Miami (King Orange Internationals) in front of the airplane's designer, Grover Loening, America's very first Aeronautical Engineer.

The 16 year boy was in hog heaven. Picture taken by Navy photographer at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, home of the Famous Blue Angles.

L to R: Jack Reavis,LCDR, USN; Chuck Elliott,LT, USN; Doug McCaughey, CAPT,USMC;
#1 Zeb Knott,CDR, USN; Bill Rennie,LT, USN; Ken Wallace, LCDR, USN;
John Rademacher, LT, USN; Duke Ventimiglia, LT, USN (aka E. Duke Vincent);

Photo Courtesy of the Blue Angels, USN