Paul Poberezny, EAA Founder

"Good night, airplanes! I love you all."
In Memory

August 23, 2013: EAA Founder Paul Poberezny passed away on August 22, 2013 at the age of 91. His idea of forming a club of aircraft building enthusiasts started in his own garage. From that humble beginning the EAA was formed.

Tommy Meyer knew Paul for most of his own life. Tommy's dad, George Meyer, was one of the most early members of EAA, member ID #64 and Tommy went to everything EAA his dad attended.

Here is a photo from 2001 of  Paul Poberezny signing memorabilia as Joy, Tommy's sister and Tommy look on.

P.S. Since Tommy was part of EAA for as long as his dad was, when George Meyer passed away in 1982, Tommy was awarded George's EAA number by Paul Poberezny.

Lt. Col. Paul Poberezny (left) sits at the controls of a plane at Mitchell Airport before two weeks of exercises for the Wisconsin Air National Guard in 1965.
- Image credit: Journal Sentinel files
Paul and Audrey doing EAA work in their home's basement in the 1950's.
- Image credit: Journal Sentinel files

Three Awards presented to George Meyer by
Paul Poberezny in 1957.
Center: the Mechanix Illustrated Achievement Award, First Place The trophy to our left is for Outstanding Design, Second Place and the third trophy, on right, is for Longest Distance Flown to AirVenture, Second Place. Three Awards for George Meyer in 1957, Little Toot's First time at AirVenture
The Mechanix Illustrated Achievement Award, First Place plaque
The Poberezny Award, 1999, to
Tommy Meyer  for N62TR
The Poberezny Award, 2000, to
Tommy Meyer  for N61G
The following four photographs were published in the October 2013 issue of Sport Av Magazine, which had a special section commemorating the life of Paul Poberezny.

Meyer Aircraft wishes to thank the EAA for granting permission to use these photographs on this website.

Photo courtesy of EAA
Paul constructing an aircraft tail section in his workshop in the 1950s

Photo courtesy of EAA
Paul (left) and  Tom Poberezny stand in front of the iconic "Brown Arch" on the EAA fly-in grounds in the 1980s

Photo courtesy of EAA
Paul with the Pober Sport homebuilt aircraft, flown by Ander Ljundberg around the US in 1960

Photo courtesy of EAA