Construction 01/01/2013

Happy New Year...
and today still saw me at work on this model.

Here is the Hots Wing joined together.
The rear spar is solid wood.  The rest of the spars including the leading are all spliced.
This will be a very strong wing.

Construction 01/03/2013

My Electric Motor for the "Big Hots" is ready for installation.  Ray Corder and Mike Duran deserve a round of applause from Meyer Aircraft.  They went the double extra mile in acquiring all the parts and pieces necessary to make this happen for me.

Today was a big day to remember.  Ray Corder finished all the wiring on the motor and we started it by the Transmitter.

Double Wow Wow!!!!   What a powerful engine.  Torque is hmmmmm. "Bad to the Bone." I am glad I built in 2 degree down and 2 right in the metal motor mount.  Cause it will need it. It actually twisted my wrist when Ray fired it up.  Yes? I held it while Ray exercised the throttle.  Fun Fun!

This was as fun as actually flying an airplane for the first time.

Ray worked a tremendous amount of time making up the wiring harness and Mike help with his Engineering knowledge to make it all happen. Thus the reason for the great vote of thanks to both Ray and Mike. 

Thank you both!

Enjoy the pictures and the work these two guys put into my Hots. The Engine will get mounted for good next week.


Construction 01/06/2013

Landing Gear, Mounted Wheel Pants  and Tail Wheel Assembly


History 01/27/2013

Here are some old pictures of my first Big Hots model.
First it was fairly simple paint job. Joe Tykodi did the paint job of what you've seen on this site now, the brilliant multi-colors.

Here are a couple of shots of the Hots, originally and in its transition stage from white to shiney red and gold.

Construction 01/27/2013

Finally got the four bolt wing mounted yesterday.
Wow, alignment was tough, but all four bolts fit perfectly.
Now I can finish the fuselage.

Thank you, Ernie, for the shooting the pictures.

Construction 02/18/2013

Wings are almost completed. They reach 96inches (243.8 cm)
Have to install servo trays and them complete the planking and cap strips.