Russell is a teacher of Advanced Automotive and Advanced Aircraft Technology in the Denton Independent School District at the Advanced Technology Complex. He has earned a BBA and an MA and presently is a Doctoral Student at UNT, University of North Texas.

In 2010, Russ drove to a record fastest time in 1/8th mile in an electric dragster. The race vehicle was the result of two years and 200 students work in design and building and the run was certified by The National Electric Dragster Associationís class DR/H for 72 volt Dragsters on October 30, 2010 at North Star Dragway. Click here for more: Record

Russ presently (2013) has a Little Toot under construction and has flown the Little Toot, in fact, piloting N61G to Oshkosh in July 2011. Here are some photos of Russ at the control of N62TR in some pre trip flights.

Russell Keith 
Little Toot I- struts... Russ Keith's work under construction of the mentoring eye of Tommy Meyer.
Russ' next task is welding them solid.