Dominic "Nick" Bellino

     My dad  built and flew model airplanes, this is what sparked my interest in aviation. He loved airplanes but did not like to fly, not at all. I started taking lessons right after high school and got my license about a year later. (Sept. 1987).

     My first plane I owned was a T-18, which I purchased with 0 tailwheel time. My buddy, who is not an instructor, went with me for a few tense hours till I got the hang of it. (at that time you did not need a TW signoff). Then I got a kidney stone and could not pass a medical so I did not fly for about 8 years. I got my medical back and purchased a Maule, then I traded that for an RV-8A. Flying a nosewheel lacked the challenge and ramp appeal of a TW so I started looking for a little taildragger as I wanted to keep the RV. I looked at about a dozen or so, and then I found the Little Toot. I instantly fell in love with it, it is like a street rod with its nostalgic lines.

     N16BW was built by Bob White in Crowne Point, Indiana. I never met him but 16BW shows that he was a meticulous craftsman as I have never seen a better built plane. Bob passed away and David Wagner bought the plane from his estate, I bought it from David Wagner.
     The original engine gave Bob trouble so installed a factory new 0-320 when the airframe had 134 hrs. It now has about 325 hrs. It has a Catto custom made prop. It can be flown open cockpit or with a canopy. I can switch it from one to the other by myself in about 5 min. It has no cabin heater.

     So now I have my flying street rod, but with a newer engine, gps, etc. My son who is 14 is not happy that he cannot ride in the Little Toot, so I decided to sell the RV-8A and purchase a 2 place bi-plane. I also seldom flew the RV because the Little Toot is so much fun.

I live in Florence, Colorado (born and raised), which is about 35 miles southwest of Colorado Springs, with my lovely wive of 22 years (as of 2013), and my two children, Ashley and Dominic.

I hangar my Little Toot at Fremont County Airport (1V6)  elev 5500.

Tooters, or anyone, who want to talk or email me, here's my contact info: or Cell: 719-429-7725.
Nick with his children, Ashley and Dominic.
Camping near Buena Vista, Colo
Some NEW A2A shots