Attention Tooters (past and present):

Here's what we have going  so far with the EAA:
the EAA is  designing a banner that will commemorate the arrival of Big Toot.

This is still in the works so days and times are subject to change.

On Wednesdsay morning, of AirVenture Week, the EAA will display  the banner and plans to have a photo session by their staff photographer.

All persons with a Toot affiliation, whether you built, owned or just flew a Little Toot, are invited to have their picture taken at 9:30am.

Then the banner will be lowered and all you "Tooters" will be asked to sign the banner providing your name and identify the Little Toot, either its FAA registration number or Little Toot nickname.

Then early Wednesday afternoon, prior to the air show, Gary Platner will do a "Fly-by" of Big Toot.

The banner will be presented to me and my sister, Joy Meyer, at the HomeBuilders Dinner on Thursday evening.

So far we have these Toots as confirmed plane attendees:
George Meyer:     N61G
Tommy Meyer:     N64LT
Phil Witt:             NX848Z            
Gary Platner:       N734MM
Guy Renda:          N65LT
Bobby Borger:      N25TD        
Russ Keith:          N7877K
Jimmy Bell:          N92FZ
Marvin Bein:         N8DJ
Tom Marther:        N823Z
Larry Schleinat:     N65JL
Richard Wolf:        N409RW

We have quite a number of Tooters considering. Let us know  before Christmas if you plan to attend.