Art Carerra

John Hatzenbuhler

Steve Hill

Mark Hawkins

Perry Singer and Art Carerra are members of St. Philip which is where they met Tommy. 

John Hatzenbuhler, lives around the corner from Tommy.
Steve Hill has long been an attendee of the Thursday RC group at the Bedford Boys Club.

Mark Hawkins, also a member of St. Philip, is not really a visitor but more of a resident of "Tootville." He proudly wears a USN cap, the branch of the US military in which he proudly served.

Paul Jensen, is also a member of St. Philip. Paul's wife, Joanne, is the Assistant to the Pastor.

Paul Jensen

Alan Muetzenberg, an RC flyer, came to 52F to visit with Tommy and to see how the big toys feel up close and personal.

Tootville has been a popular tourist stop of late. Seasoned RC flyer Mike Duran stopped in to see what the fuss is all about... and by the smile on his face he knows why. Toots are a sight to behold.

I hope Mike took some photos. Mike is a pro photographer so when he has praised my work, that's a compliment.

Check out Mike at Duran Photography


Another couple of our RC flying friends came to visit today, July 10, 2012.

Bob Corder, who knew George Meyer "way back when" and Dean Hughes came by. Tommy gave them the grand tour. Virst a visit at Tommy's workshop to see where he manufactures the parts for Meyer Aircraft's Little Toot.

Then it was out to 52F to see the product, up close and personal.
The visit started at Tommy's hangar and a close look at the original, N61G. Tommy fired up the engine and taxied it about for a spell to keep it from getting stale if he hasn't been flying in a week.

Perry Singer

Tootville Visitors
Dan King- RC'er at Hatz-Meyer Field
Kelly Swafford - A Tooter
Tommy Makes the Visit
Tommy pays a visit to Rich Wolf's hangar to have a close encounter with Rich's finished Navy Toot.
Dare I call Rich's hangar a "Wolf's Lair"? I guess I just did.
Tommy Meyer Hosts Remote Control Model Airplane Buddies Ernie Werbiski and Cecil Langham.


Gary Platner takes Ernie Werbiski for a Ride

Guys, I had a wonderful day, Monday Dec 17, 2012. 

Thanks to Gary Platner (Pilot), Tommy Meyer and Phil Witt.  Tommy had asked Gary if he would take me for a ride.  When Tommy said, "Come on Ernie, you are going for a ride in a RV8," I was so surprised.   Tommy took pictures with my camera and Phil helped me get prepared for the flight by lending me his head gear with microphone.  Tommy and Phil helped me get the head gear on and get strapped in. 

Gary is a great pilot and so nice to take me for a ride.  Tommy said to Gary I wanted to do a roll.   We took off from Northwest Regional Airport and Gary gave me a tour of the area, showed me several small airports and did some knife edge, pulled some tight turns, we flew at about 600 feet altitude and climbed to about 1000 feet and did a roll, then low pass over a landing strip, we probably flew for approximately 15 minutes.  I want to thank Gary, Tommy and Phil for making this happen.  It was awesome and  I will never forget it.  I am so blessed to have such great friends.

Your friend,

Mary Werbiski Visits Tootville

Mary stopped by recently to visit Tommy and check out what it's like to be in the seat of one of these gems we call Little Toot.

Mary slides in as Tommy carefully watches.

Mary  ready for takeoff as Ernie gives her the "OK, dear"

Above, Michael Sandles and cousin Cameron Murnan with "Uncle Tommy"
Left, Michael and his daddy, Nate
Tootville Visitors